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Brings to surface the hidden passions of many individuals who are in want of adventure . the natural vistas in the backdrop of hills provides an ideal paradise for the nature lovers and the trekkers . The Trekking routes are made to pass through the valleys so that the dense forests , fresh water streams , steep hills provide enough material for adventure .

These trekking impress and indelible remarks on the memory. The chance to story the flora and fauna , animal and bird life and get away from the usual crowded tourist spots attracts countless trekkers .Important Trekking routes are

The Way Distance
Kumbhalgarh To Ranakpur Or V/V 25 K.M.
Kumbhalgrah To Thandiberi 14 K.M.
Roopnagar To Sumer 8 K.M.
Ranakpur To Ranakpur 15 K.M.
Kumbhalgrah To Kumbhalgarh 10 K.M.
1-2 Person 150 USD Per Person
2-4 Person 145 USD Per Person
5-10 Person 125 USD Per Person
Note:  Includes Foods, Guide, Accommodation

And Many More Routes Are There


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